Light Language is based on the light speed healing techniques of the Curanderos (Master Healers) of Mexico.  As we move into the “Light Age”, our spiritual evolution has moved upward through the chakras.  Now we are more ready than ever before to apply this ancient Mayan wisdom to our lives.

On the physical plane we are currently limited in communicating with anyone in the world only by the speed of the equipment.  On the mental, emotional and spiritual planes, major steps still need to be taken.  In Light Language, we take the next major step.  We learn to read and write light, and communicate with light on all levels.  Light Language is here and documented; it combines physics, sacred geometry, and light.  Unlike words, Light Language stays true to form.

The purpose of using Light Language is to have an in-depth understanding of how thought and concept effect our reality.  The very building blocks are the energies of light and the form that we give them.

Light Language is a “caught” teaching.  It cannot be learned just by reading a book about it or by watching a video. To truly learn to work with Light Language requires sitting in the presence of a Light Language teacher. As the student sits in the trained teacher’s presence, she/he subconsciously receives 10,000 pieces of information per minute out of the teacher’s aura. This is what is called a “caught” teaching.  The student literally catches the material being emanated out of the teacher’s aura.

The 14-Annual Light Language Conference will take place from June 15-17, 2018 at the Divine Intervention Dome in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Call (501)609-0660 or eMail for more information or to register. Click here for the full event schedule.

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