Divine Intervention Lineage Web Site www.divineinterventionlineage.com
The loudest, most specific prayer that can call the forces of
nature and heaven together, hand in hand.
Divine Intervention Dome Web Site www.didome.com
Divine Intervention Dome Conference Building
Dimensional Mastery Web Site www.dimensionalmastery.com
Learn about the untapped powers of the brain and mind.
Light Language software for purchase www.lightlanguage.org
Purchase Light Language Software
Core Flush Web Site www.coreflush.com
Eliminate Your Core Contaminants!
The Angel Services website www.theangelservice.com
Group services aimed at strengthening the conscious relationship between humans and angels.
Get Over Sexual Abuse information www.getoversexualabuse.com
Get Over Sexual Abuse
Aura information resource www.aurazone.net
Aura Zone Site
Pearlescent Flame Site
South Beach International Makeovers www.southbeachmakeovers.com
South Beach International Makeovers works with you at the deepest levels in a fun and revitalizing way to achieve lasting results. Update your wardrobe, beauty practices and lifestyle now, and enjoy the authentically beautiful you!
Zabe’ Barnes is an amazing teacher and healer.  She offers many of Starr’s classes and is available to come to your city to teach. 
Spiritual healer, master teacher, healer and inspirational speaker Starr Fuentes gives people the tools and resources needed to raise their level of consciousness and increase the quality of lives.